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March 28th, 2015!!!

2015 Season Scheules:  Click HERE

​​Due to the weather, we do not have any choice but to make this change. Please read this ENTIRE post BEFORE calling/texting board members with questions. I am going to try and answer as many questions as possible here:

Opening Day Activities: All activities that were scheduled to take place Fri/Sat of this week (i.e. pictures, parade, opening ceremonies, games, gumbo line/concession stand schedules) will all take place in the same order and at the same time on March 27th/28th.

Games Originally Scheduled the week of 3/9 and 3/23: These games are being cancelled. These games will NOT be required to be made up, but if coaches choose to do so, they will need to get with their appropriate liaison to schedule a Saturday make-up day.

Schedules (Game and Concession): These schedules are NOT changing. The regular season schedule will pick up on Monday (3/30) and continue as is.

Team Moms: Anything that was given at the team mom meeting and asked to be turned in on/before opening day (i.e. raffle tickets, shirt orders, etc) will still be due on/before opening day. You just have an extra 2 weeks to gather it up. smile emoticon

WORK DAY: Saturday, March 21st!!!! Write this down! This is a work day to get the fields ready for the following Saturday. Please spread the word to Coaches/Moms/Dads and anyone else who has any amount of time available to come out to help. It's takes a lot of people, a lot of hours to make the fields look as good as they typically do, and this cannot be done with only a few board members. Each league is responsible for making sure their field is ready.  Please note - you do not have to wait until 3/21 to come work at the ballpark.  Anytime you have available and you would like to go out there and work on a field, mow, weed-eat, clean-up, please feel free to do so.

If you have more questions, please contact your league's liaison.
T-ball: Bambi Bambi Burrows Bentley
Soft Ball: Christopher Lee French Sr.
Minor Boys: Michael Dahl
Machine Pitch Boys: Chris Hutchinson
Intermediate Boys: James Jordan

For clarification of BASEBALL (ONLY) LEAGUE AGE: The Little League no longer abides by the date of April 30th as an age cut off. It's now based on your child's age in that calendar year. Attached is a chart that will help clarify a lot of questions/text/phone calls we been receiving about the ages. (I.e. My child turns 9 in November 2015. Per the OLD rules, he would still be 8 in league age and play machine pitch. Per the NEW rules, he turns 9 in the calendar year, therefore he's 9 in league age and will play minor league). Please note that this rule change truly only affects kids born after 2005.

Our leagues for baseball are broken up as follows:

4-6: Tball (6yr olds typically only play tball if they have not had the league required 1 yr of tball before moving up to machine pitch.)
6-8: Machine Pitch
9-10: Minor League
11-13: Intermediate

Be sure to check the tryout dates/times for the LEAGUE AGE of your child.